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Nimble Construction specializes in foundation repair, foundation evaluation, earthquake retrofitting, house bolting, new construction and commercial & home remodeling. Nimble Construction is an experienced STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS specializing in earthquake rehabilitation work in order to meet the requirements of different city ordinances and building codes.

Our structural engineers use the very latest method in earthquake design calculations to save you as much possible in construction and less disturbance to the tenants.We believe our retrofit, remodeling and construction services will give you the best outcome and give you the most value from your property investment. When you work with Nimble Construction, you work with the principles of the company from start to finish. Whether you are a concerned home owner, potential home buyer or just want to ask us few questions about your foundation, Nimble Construction can help.

Seismic Retrofit

Seismic Retrofit Contractor.

Nimble Construction will protect your investment, while we get the job done right.

  • We will do the job with the least interference to your tenants.
  • We will present to you all the options.
  • “Value Engineering”, no unnecessary work, more savings.
  • You won’t see change orders from us.


We are here to give you and your family the peace of mind that if one does come, you will be prepared. Seismic retrofit is the step we should all consider.


Our engineer inspects building to get dimensions, identifying structural system, and does health assessment.


Highly experienced engineer determines available strength of building and efficiently design retrofit plans only for the shortcomings.


Highly experienced contractor constructs the plans safely, quickly and efficiently under constant engineer monitoring.


Seismic Retrofitting

Nimble Construction offers a full range of seismic retrofitting services to East Bay residents. A sound seismic retrofit will prevent the tremendous damage that can be caused by a strong earthquake.

Foundation Repair & Replacement

A seismic retrofit is only as strong as the foundation upon which it is installed. Nimble Construction has the knowledge and experience to repair and/or replace concrete foundations in conjunction with a seismic retrofit.

Structural Repair

As homes age and are exposed to the elements, the likelihood of structural damage increases. Nimble Construction knows the importance of addressing and preventing conditions that lead to significant damage.