Our mission is to provide responsiveness to our customers by offering the highest quality, lowest total cost, customized, integrated, design, supply-chain and manufacturing solutions through long-term partnerships based on integrity and ethical business practices. We are committed to providing high quality in all aspects at all times. Nimble Construction LLC is working to change your lifestyle & change the future. Its vision is to set an example in the Construction Sector and ultimately become one of the most trusted and leading housing companies and achieve excellence in providing living comfort and to attain leadership in Real Estate Sector.


An industry leader for over 10+ years in Los Angeles, Nimble Construction is a full-service seismic retrofit management company specializing in seismic engineering and construction. We help building owners and managers address the requirements of the new Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program (MSSP) offering cost-effective, top-to-bottom solutions. Our experienced team will handle every aspect of your project; from receipt of the Notice of Order through the final certification process… and everything in between. Our services include site inspection, design & engineering, permit submission, financing solutions & cost-recovery options, foundation and construction of moment frames, as well as obtainment (acquisition) of a final retrofit certificate. Whether you have received a Notice of Order and need a free site inspection, or are looking for a qualified engineer to assist you in the planning and permitting process, our staff is happy to assist regardless of the size of the job.


Nimble Construction grew rapidly to be one of the largest privately held companies in the construction industry in the USA, committed to providing complete facility solutions to our clients. Our skilled and enthusiastic team is focused on delivering a quality product to a broad range of clients, ensuring steady company growth through quality and management systems that ensure all projects are completed in a timely and budget-conscious fashion. Nimble Constraction LLC has completed projects involving steel construction, civil works, infrastructure, and rehabilitation, one of the keys to our success is the creation of a team approach to the construction of any project.